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« KOOPA Universal Testing Machine is a flexible solution often used for quality control and research centers. These machines are used to test both tensile and compressive strength of materials, such as metals, rubbers, plastics, concrete, composites, leather, textiles, paper, ranging from hard to flexible samples. This diversity has made the KOOPA UTMs affordable in almost any manufacturing industry. »


  • Perform tensile, compression and bending tests
  • Can be used for all materials such as steels, polymers, rubbers, wire/cable, and all kinds of screws
  • Fully automatic and easy to use
  • Strong body and resistant to stresses and shocks
  • Continues and planned movement during the test using an advanced controller
  • Using precision sensors to achieve the best accuracy
  • Stress, strain sampling rate equals to 100 samples per second
  • Quick and easy replacement and installation of compression plates and bending fixtures
  • Able to install several types of grips for various applications
  • Data transfer between device and computer via Ethernet
  • Having UP and DOWN manual  buttons
  • Capable to use a second load cell with less capacity
  • Return to the primary position
تست کشش یونیورسال 10 تن
Testing speed350~0.01 mm/min
Maximum crosshead travel80cm
Thickness of flat specimen16~1 mm
Diameter of round specimen20~1 mm
Force measurement accuracy0.01% full scale
Length measurement accuracy1μm
Displacement measurement accuracy0.2μm >
Width of test space39cm
Height of test space80cm
Input220V, 1ph, 2kW
Computer caseCase Green, CPU Core i3, Hard SSD
Monitor(Curved) "24
نرم افزار نگاره

NEGARE user friendly software

  • User-friendly interface and compatible with Windows 10
  • Automatically calculate yield point, ultimate tensile strength, rapture strength, elongation, toughness, resilience and modulus of elasticity
  • Special options for force and length calibration
  • Monitor the machines state and display it on the screen
  • Display stress-strain curve online
  • Adjust test specifications such as test speed and test type, and also sample specifications
  • Draw stress-strain, force-time, and displacement-time graphs
  • Capable to trim curves
  • Tests curve comparing by displaying their critical points simultaneously
  • Capable of creating multiple projects, each includes various test samples which can be saved and retrieved any time
  • Providing a complete and flexible report with the ability to insert the company logo and specifications
  • Full support and software updates

Critical points of stress-strain curve

Automatic and intelligent calculation of all critical points of stress-strain diagram along with elongation at those points using Nagareh software:

  • Upper yield point, Lower yield point
  • Ultimate tensile strength
  • Rapture Strength
  • Proportional Limit
  • Elastic Limit
  • Modulus of Toughness
  • Modulus of Resilience
  • Modulus of Elasticity
فک تخت

Flat jaws

فک V شکل

V-shaped jaws

سندان فشار

Compression plates

سیستم کامپیوتری


Customized computer accompanied by the machine



Measuring changes in length of the specimen in tensile test

گیره تست کشش پیچ و مهره

Screw and nuts grips

Tensile test of screws and nuts from M3 to M12

گیره دستی

Manual grips

گیره مخصوص تست طناب

Rope grips

Optional grips and jaws for different applications

فیکسچر خمش سه و چهار نقطه 2تن مدل TK100-2T

Three-point and four-point bending test fixtures of 2t – TK100-2T

Bending test of specimen with the length of 1m

تست خمش سه نقطه و چهار نقطه

Three-point and four-point bending test of 5t – TK50-5T

تست خمش سه نقطه و چهار نقطه

Bending test fixtures of 5t – TK100-5T

Bending test of specimen with the length of 1m

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