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“Metallographic polisher is used to prepare all kinds of metal and non-metal samples in metallography and mineralogy.”
Features of the Polisher Machine
  • Super flat polishing plates
  • Equipped with a control valve
  • The machine’s engine is half horse power and 1500RPM speed.
  • The motor is controlled by frequency and the power of the device will not drop. The speed change is between 0-750 rpm.

Features of the holder

  • Simultaneous polishing of 4 mounted samples with a diameter of 30 mm
  • Adjustable movement speed between 0 and 60RPM
  • The capability to install the holder on one or both disks of the device
دستگاه پولیشر متالوگرافی
Number of working disk2
Working disks diameter200mm
Holder speed0-60 RPM
Engine speed0-750 r/min
شیلنگ آب ورودی

Inlet water hose

سنباده برش خورده


نمد پولیش

Polishing pad

پودر Al2O3

Al2O3 powder

خمیر الماسه

Diaamond polishing paste

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