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« Automatic metallographic cutting machine has a fiberglass cutting chamber, glass valve, aluminum chassis and MDF cabinet. »

Features of the metallographic cutter

Among the special advantages of the device, we can mention the strong and stable cast iron motor bearing and holder, which prevents the vibration and crushing of the cutting blade or crooked cutting. Besides, due to the transfer of electrical equipment into the device cabinet (inside the special compartment), the risk of water reaching them is much less.

In this machine, a hydraulic system with a control valve is used, which can control the movement of the cutting motor and adjust the cutting speed.

The blade is a made of silicon carbide. Used dimensions are 250x32x1.5, and it can also be provided in 300x32x2 dimensions based on the order.

  • European engine (55IP, 3HP, 3000RPM)
  • Locking clamp with the ability to use from above
  • Automatic and fully controlled movement of the motor upwards (hydraulic) and stopping after contact with the corresponding sensor
  • Equipped with soapy water tank, cooling system, pump and extra hose for washing
  • Has a lighting system
  • Equipped with a jack to hold the door in the upper position (when installing the sample)
  • Has a door protection microswitch
کاتر متالوگرافی

Maximum cutting diameter using 250mm disk5cm
Maximum cutting diameter using 300mm disk8cm

آب صابون

Soapy water

تیغ کاتر

cut-off wheel

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