T1-T2 and T3 impact devices

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« Portable hardness tester impact devices are used for hardness measurement of various types of metals, hardness measurement of rough, unpolished and porous parts, hardness measurement of thin and light parts, and surface hardness measurement of cemented and hardened parts. »

T1-T2 Impact device

T1 is the default impact device which is used to measure the hardness of different types of metals using an energy of 11 millijoules and an average penetration depth. Energy of the impact body is supplied automatically through the magnetic charging system. Portable Hardness Tester can calculate the hardness with high speed and high accuracy by using the optical measurement system embedded in the impact device.

T2 is the same as T1, but its energy is higher. This impact device with 31 mJ energy and high penetration depth is used to measure the hardness of rough, unpolished and porous parts (such as cast iron).

T3 Impact device

T3 impact device with a penetration energy of 6.3 mJ is used to measure the hardness of thin and light parts. This impact device can also be used to measure the surface hardness of cemented and hardened parts. Unlike T1-T2 impact device which is a device with two different energies, T3 launcher has only one launch energy.

Impact device

Impact Body's weigh1.2gr5.5gr5.5gr
Impact energy0.0036J0.031J0.011J
Ball diameter2mm3mm3mm

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