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« KOOPA texture analyzer is an ideal device to implement TPA, tension, compression, penetration, extrusion, puncture, bloom, warner-bratzler, rupture and cutting-shear tests for analyzing physical charectrestics of various substances and materials in several industries such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, etc. The TA machine is a high-performance, easy-to-use and cost-effectivesolution to evaluate the textural properties of a wide range of products. »
  • The device can perform a quick and accurate texture analysis
  • Has a flexible and user-friendly software to increase performance and implement a variety of user tests
  • Reliable, repeatable, accurate testing
  • Temperature sensor to measure the temperature of the sample
  • Some of the parameters that can be measured using texture analyzer include: Adhesiveness, Cohesiveness, Gummines, Elasticity, Factorability, Hardness, Stringiness, Rigidity, Chewiness, Resilience, Gel strength, Springiness, Toughness, Firmness, Stiffness, Meanload, Work to cut, Work to shear, Work to penetrate, Stress-strain calculations, Recoverable calculations, Tension calculations, Calculation of target
دستگاه بافت سنج مدل TA
Capacity2.5, 5, 10, 20, 35, 50 kg
Test speed240~0.018 mm/min
Maximum crosshead travel30cm
Force measurement accuracy0.01% full scale
Displacement measurement accuracy1μm
Resolution of crosshead displacement0.625μm
Temperature probe55°c to +125°c-
Input220V, 65W
Computer caseCase Green, CPU Core i3, Hard SSD
Monitor(Curved) "24
دستگاه بافت سنج

“Texture Analyser” user-friendly software

  • User-friendly interface, and compatible with Windows 10
  • Recieve data at rate of 100 samples per second
  • Use a secure protocol for complete data exchange accuracy
  • Monitor the machine’s state and display it on the screen
  • Adjust test specifications such as test speed and test type, and also sample specifications
  • Display Load-Time curve simultanously
  • Able to define a project and run the desired number of tests in it, save and retrieve projects
  • Full test reports including project specifications, test specifications and results
  • Export to PDF and Excel
  • Full support and software updates
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