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« Bending test is a kind of test using to measure the resistance of the material against bending and it is performed by Universal Testing Machine in two ways, three-point and four-point. TK50-500 bending fixture is mostly used to determine the bending strength of samples up to 50 cm long. »


  • Simple and accurate adjustment of the distance between the supports using a ruler and a marker
  • Interchangeable supports with different radius
  • Capabile to addjust the distance between the supports
  • With the capacity of 500 k

TK100-500 bending fixture is one of the accessories of the following universal testing devices:

The base has two movable blocks on which a V-groove is considered for mounting different cylinders. The specimen is placed on these two supports. Standard fixture cylinders are 20mm in diameter and other sizes are available as well. There is a ruler on the base, which is used to measure the distance between two supports. The fixture base is installed directly on the grips of the Universal Testing Machine by the corresponding screws, and there is no need to open the grips.

Force is applied by a loading pin. The standard diameter of the cylinder is 20mm and other sizes can be prepared.

The three-point bending test provides the values of the bending elasticity coefficient Ef, bending stress δf, bending strain δf and the bending stress-strain response of the material. The main advantage of the three-point bending test is the ease of sample preparation and testing. However, this method also has disadvantages: the results of this test method are sensitive to the sample and loading method and pressure application rate.

تست خمش مدل TK50-500

« For both three-point and four-point bending tests, the support is fixed and based on the user’s requirements, the supporting pin will be selected for the three-point and four-point tests. »

Maximum bending force500kg
Weidth of loading pin and supporting pins40mm

Technical specification of supports and supporting pins

Maximum distance between supports500mm
Supporting pins diameter20mm
Support height105mm

Technical specification of loading pin of three-point bending fixture

Loading pin diameter20mm

Technical specification of loading pin of four-point bending fixture

Loading pins diameter20mm
Maximum distance between loading pins35mm


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